We see in Chapter 1:5, Ezekiel standing on the bank of the river Chebar. He sees in the sky, a vision of the throne of God coming in the distance. Around His throne are living creatures which guard and watch everything in the way.
These are amazing creatures. They follow God wherever he goes. There are four creatures beneath the throne, and they all have four faces. These four faces are the key to the four gospels.
The four gospels seem to have the same attributes of these four faces which line up as follows.
Matthew carries the theme of the face of the Lion. The Lion stands for kingship.
The gospel of Mark has the theme of a servant or a labourer. This would be the Ox, as the face on the left side of the living creature.
The gospel of Luke has the theme of the face of a man. This face is on the right side of the living creatures, seen by Ezekiel.
The gospel of John carries the theme of the Eagle, which stands for “divinity.” Most of the book of John centers on showing the divinity of Jesus.


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