Raising Leaders

by Colin Dye

In this series of 12 episodes of about 20min each, Colin Dye provides an in-depth and practical training material to raise cell leaders. Cells refer to the small groups model that has been successfully developed in the church Kensington Temple for over 25 years. You can watch it on Youtube or listen to it as a podcast on Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple Podcast.

The Path ahead

1. Introduction
2. Raising up your Spiritual Passion
3. Transforming your spiritual environment
4. Passion for Souls
5. Passion for Discipleship
6. What is the Heart of a Cell Church?
7. Fruitfulness
8. The Marvellous Body of Christ
9. Cells for Mission
10. The Principle of 12
11. The Multitudes are Coming
12. Kensington Temple, our Mission and Vision


Colin is always on the move, so keep up to date, interact with him and pray for him.