We all know we’re living in an age of division, but who will discern the great separation God is sending?

The despicable Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 last year, produced instant polarisation, manifesting the all-but-irreconcilable division between the Palestinians and Israelis. This only deepens as the Israeli-Hamas war progresses. False narratives are being perpetuated by biased reporting coming from many, traditional and social media outlets, stoking up division as well as irrational and hateful responses.

Escalation of conflict

Geopolitical divisions are also increasing involving (among others) Russia, China, Iran, USA, South America, Europe, the UK and the Middle East. If all this continues, the escalation of conflict is likely.

Leaders of stature

National and international political intervention may hold chaos back for a while. But only if true statesmen and stateswomen in both the East and the West step up to the plate. Only if they stare into the fast-approaching abyss just long enough to wake up and take wise and practical steps to avoid it. But where are such leaders on the world stage today? Will world leaders of such caliber emerge in 2024? I suspect there will not be many, but I’m optimistic that there will at least be a few.

Such is the state of the world of 2024 from a socio-political perspective. Is there a sure spiritual word for the times?

The final harvest

2024, I believe we will see more signs of the Great Separation. In the Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds (Matthew 13:24-30), Jesus spoke about the separation of those who follow truth from those who willfully stay in error. The wheat represents the true children of God’s Kingdom and the weeds typify the people whose lives are seeded and cultivated by a spirit of rebellion. The point of this parable is that the wheat and the weeds grow side by side, and will only be separated at harvest time, when the wheat is fully ripened.

The final separation will take place at the end of the age. But the difference between the wheat and the weeds becomes more and more apparent as this age progresses. The conditions that cause the wheat to grow and ripen, also allow the weeds to flourish. The final harvest is coming.

I am not resorting to the superficial and sensational claims of popular Eschatology – Armageddon is happening now; the Antichrist is here; the mark of the Beast is about to be rolled out; the rapture is upon us. I take a more studied view. Jesus is coming back, but don’t let anyone tell you they know when. Rather, let’s look at the trends which have been long-present and will become increasingly apparent in the days ahead.

Religiously motivated Antisemitism and Christian persecution

In 2024, I believe we will see the polarisation I outlined above take on increasingly spiritual dimensions. The result will be more open and naked forms of evil with specific religious connotations and consequences. Antisemitism, present in any age, will be increasingly exposed as religiously motivated. But it will not end there. It’s close relative, the persecution of Christians, will also increase.

Secularists and the non-religious will not be immune. Some will continue to align with religious evil while claiming moral and humanitarian superiority. Others will think again, and begin to reconsider their Judeo-Christian heritage as the only basis for the ethical and social values they have for so long taken for granted. Many others will be disillusioned with their own false and empty religion, but will retain a thirst for the Truth. May they discover that his name is Jesus.

Hope for the nations

It’s through this door of opportunity that followers of Christ must enter in 2024. I am not specifically predicting a new Great Awakening this year, but I do believe that there is hope for our nations. The gospel, long neglected by the churches and by the world, can and must become the central focus again. Overcoming challenges of hostility, ridicule, rejection and persecution, we must spread Christ’s message uncompromisingly in word and deed. We can only fully do so by engaging with those who suffer, whatever their beliefs or shortcomings. That is what God’s grace is all about.

2024 Prophetic Pointers

BEYOND GAZA – will there be peace?

At the beginning of 2023 I posted some prophetic pointers, Navigating 2023 (click here to read). I now offer some thoughts and insights which may be suggestive of the year ahead.


The times and seasons are in God’s hand. He is working out his purposes even through chaos and confusion. Get ready for the season of alignment.


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