We have a relationship with Word Life Ministries, Harare Zimbabwe stretching over 10 years. Having adopted the Cell Vision, the church has hosted teams from Kensington Temple, London to minister in cell seminars, conferences and encounter weekends.

This conference attracted 80 leaders and members from several churches in and around Harare. They have been battered by the Covid Lockdown, the fragile economy and the difficult social situation in Zimbabwe. Encouraging the leaders and their churches was a main focus. However, their hunger for God and desire to expand through re-vitalised cell ministry meant that I was able to deliver strong teaching and impartation of the Cell Vision.

There was also a strong prophetic and apostolic impartation to the leaders which will also affect the spiritual atmosphere in Harare. There was a stirring of the fires of evangelism and intercession.

Colin with Harare Cell Conference Delgates

The believers were emboldened and release after a time of feeling the oppressive weight of their circumstances and recent difficulties. There was a strong sense of unity and hunger for the freedom from structures and traditions that bind.

Word Life Ministries, Church, Hatfield, Harare

The Sunday morning service was held at the Hatfield centre where Word Life Ministries has a worship centre – basically a shed-like structure, as they wait on the Lord for his provision of a permanent building.

The Hatfield Church

The people are hungry for God and are holding firm despite many casualties of the Covid Lockdown. Many churches have lost members to other ministries and to the world. There is a sense of re-pioneering in the air.

The pastors, Chivimbisu and Clara Ngowe are stalwarts and filled with vision. They have next to no resources and the people they are reaching are poor, or without substantial income.

Colin, Bishop and Pastor Ngowe

Follow Up
A group has been formed of those wanting to develop the Cell Vision. They keep contact through WhatsApp and that is a vehicle we can use to provide on-going teaching and mentoring.

There is a need for the cell publications and other books helpful to the ministry. We must explore means of inexpensive transportation of bulk quantities of books. This is urgent.

They are already talking about another conference next year, and if I do respond to this desire, I would like to have a small team with me, so that we can diversify the sessions and perhaps do a mini encounter with the church.




Colin is always on the move, so keep up to date, interact with him and pray for him.