Colin Dye shares his recent mission to Brazil.

Alcance Church, Curitiba

In October 2021, Amanda and I were set apart by KT for the work of missions. Following the leading of the Spirit, we have visited at least 12 nations averaging one mission per month.

Wherever we go, we are greeted by former KT members and leaders. Often these people are key players in the work we do outside the UK. The recent mission to Brazil found us working with Emerson Rocha, Leyff Wenderson and Willians and Sandra Barbosa, all previous leaders within the London City Church, KT Network.

Leyff Wenderson

“My time in the KT Brazilian fellowship and IBIOL was both the foundation and inspiration of my ministry. It is so good to be reconnected with Colin.”

Leyff was a student at IBIOL 25 years ago and now leads a church in Effingham, Illinois. He is a powerful evangelist with a strong healing ministry. Together, in Sao Paulo and Curitba we saw deaf and blind people healed, and as well as those with significant mobility challenges. Many people made decisions to become followers of Christ.

Emerson Rocha

“Having finished at IBIOL, I was Colin’s assistant for 2 years. Now I lead CfAN in Brazil. London was my home for several years, and KT is where I would be if the Lord had not called me back to Brazil.”

Emerson greeted me at Curitiba Airport, helped me with my bags and said, “This is how it all began!” Emerson now is very well-known and highly-respected in Brazil and helped mail out a gospel book by Reinhard Bonnke to 1 million pastors and leaders across Latin America. He organised a packed programme for me in some of the largest churches in the region.

Willians and Sandra Barbosa

“We look forward to what God has for us in Brazil and we know that our time in KTLCC was preparing us for what God is doing now.”
Willians and Sandra helped plant several Brazilian churches in London and also served for many years as overseers in our network. Now, many years later, Willians is teaching the Sword of the Spirit training programme in Sao Paulo. Sandra has powerful prophetic ministry and witnesses numerous miracles.

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement was banned from preaching in the Anglican churches of his day. That did not stop him. He went on to say, “The world is now my parish.” KT’s ministry and influence goes way beyond the boundaries of the M25, reaching through Elim missions and KT’s church-based initiatives.


Colin is always on the move, so keep up to date, interact with him and pray for him.