There will be a great shaking of ecclesiastical and denominational structures, as well as the promise of revival-type blessing for all churches and denominations which open up to the Holy Spirit.

New expressions and new forms of church life and ministry will arise, embracing both reformation and revival. 

Some will have a specialist emphasis on worship, intercession, prophecy, social action, training and equipping, market place ministries, and missions and evangelism. 

Others will begin to model the synergy of the full fivefold ministry springing out of apostolic hubs particularly in Nonwestern nations, but also in Western nations.

Expect an increase of passionate and fearless evangelism accompanied by signs and wonders in the streets and fields as well as the market places. Some of our High Streets will become Highways of God’s glory. 

There will be waves of repentance beginning with professing Christians, leading to the awakening of a growing remnant. This will include both renewed believers and surprising conversions of some high profile people. There will also be significant conversions of previously unknown people who will be given extraordinary grace to lead God’s people into the new things he is doing.

There will be a return to the New Testament practice of meeting in homes where believers will be accountable to leaders who operate within simple and reproducible church structures.



Many believers feel disappointed, displaced and disconnected from existing churches and Christian communities. Some need healing and restoration from spiritual abuse and manipulation. Others are seeing, as never before, their need to be in genuine, connected, spiritual relationships within the body of Christ, within the context of a healthy 5-fold ministry as revealed in Ephesians 4:11-12.

New apostolic networks arising. These will be relational, not institutional. They will exist to connect churches, ministries and leaders who are looking for new alignments in this new season. The Holy Spirit himself will birth these divine connections. It will not come about by human persuasion, pressure or manipulation. 

There will be no authoritarian control or human-based power structures. Instead, there will be a genuine respect for the ministries God has given and a releasing of these ministries in the freedom of the Holy Spirit. God’s authority will be manifested in grace and truth.

Many churches and denominations are fearful of apostolic and prophetic ministry. Rather than being passionate for the kingdom of God, their desire is to protect and preserve their own institutions. 

Often this makes them defensive and inward-looking, resistant to apostolic initiatives and the voice of the prophets. However, apostles and prophets are needed in every generation to promote expansion, provide stability and offer spiritual direction to the body of Christ.


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