The times and seasons are in God’s hand. He is working out his purposes even through chaos and confusion. This is a kairos moment, the opportune time for alignment with God and his kingdom. 


  • God rules and is in control of his world, despite the presence of rebellion, and he is working out his purposes of grace and salvation.
  • God will glorify himself through the renewed and increased glory of his people, which will attract the nations.
  • He is preparing the church for the Coming of Christ
  • He is pouring out his Spirit upon Israel and the nations and preparing them for the harvest.
  • In face of the Chaos, God is calling his people to come into full alignment with himself and his purposes on the earth.
  • He is calling us to focus less on our needs and concerns and more on himself and his kingdom (Matthew 6:33)
  • This is the antidote to the fear of lack and the anxieties of these times (Matthew 6:31-34)
  • Right alignment is linked to righteousness – there is grace for repentance and restoration in this season.
  • God is pouring out a spirit of prayer and supplication – there is grace for high levels of prophetic prayer and intercession.

Take these prophetic pointers as matters for prayer and intercession. Especially the items which resonate with you. Also, ask the Lord to orientate you, and correctly align you in the days that lie ahead. Stay firmly grounded in the things of the Kingdom of God. Do not be afraid, God is in charge! 


  • A coming seismic shaking in constitutional matters, the structures of British society and its Christian foundations.
  • A risk of fragmentation of Great Britain in the presence of mounting pressure for independence coming from Nations within the Union.
  • Mass protests (sometimes violent) opposing the Government and the perceived conservative Christian values in legislation and government policy. 
  • “Social Justice” will be falsely claimed as justification for on-going divisive and disruptive action. All the main parties will be impacted by this. 
  • There will be a growing call for new political movements, some of which will be positive while others will further polarise British, European and North American societies. 
  • There will be a solidifying of existing alignments and the emergence of new alignments in international politics with new treaties extended to include other nations.
  • Wokeness and religious pluralism will increasingly impact the British Monarchy. Signs of this will be present in and surrounding the Coronation of King Charles III. 
  • A false “social unity” will be promoted in society, not by consensus, but by imposing aggressively liberal and progressive policies and laws. There will be increasing opposition to Christians in Britain, Europe and North America. There will be stronger and more audacious attempts to criminalise Bible-believing Christians. Many will be jailed for their faith. 
  • The issue of abortion, recently highlighted by the reversal of Rose v Wade, will be a major source of tension, division, violence and aggressive political activism. Pro-life supports will be vilified, criminalized and removed from social media and other platforms in an attempt to silence them and even to destroy them.
  • Some church denominations will disavow Christians who refuse to compromise calling them a lawless minority, an intolerant fringe element of Christianity. A growing number of denominations will adopt society’s view of LGBTQ+ issues.
  • The closing down or silencing of those who post views online which oppose the woke consensus will continue and increase. This will be met with a technological rebellion leading to alternative platforms and means of mass communication. An increasingly ugly and violent backlash will also come from the extreme right.


Colin is always on the move, so keep up to date, interact with him and pray for him.