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Now I want to encourage you to stir yourself up in the authority that Jesus gives you.

By his deeds, Jesus was qualified to be the leader of a new, rescued humanity. He died and rose again to represent us as our risen, triumphant ruler.

It was at this point that God named Jesus as ?Lord?. In effect, the Father handed the executive authority of the universe to the Son. All authority is now in Jesus? hands.

This means that he is Lord and that Satan is defeated, disarmed and driven out ? all by Christ?s victory.

Jesus? Lordship is not something to consider just as some kind of theological statement.

Instead, it?s a cause for tremendous praise! It means that the battle is over. The kingdom of God has triumphed! Wonderfully, this authority has now become your authority. You are called to go in Jesus? name and to do the works of his kingdom.

He said ?Go into all the world, and preach the gospel. Heal the sick and raise the dead!?

This is your mission.

As you submit to Jesus? Lordship in your life, his authority will become evident through your life. This is how you can clearly demonstrate God?s kingdom wherever you live in the world.

My faith declaration

?I confess and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord of lords, and I glorify him as my God and my King. He reigns supreme over all things, and I willingly submit to his authority and power.

Jesus is my Head, and the only sovereign Lord of my life. I have no other god but him, and I yield to no other power than his. Jesus is Lord over my spirit, and no other spirit can lord it over me.

I surrender every thought, every word, and every deed, to the Lordship of Jesus. I acknowledge that all my circumstances are under his sovereign control. Nothing can ever happen to me without his permission.

I take the name of Jesus as my authority over my world. In the mighty name of Jesus, I stand firm against every opposing spirit.

I now fill my mouth with bold praise, and I loudly confess the Lordship of Jesus.

They resurrected Lord of glory is with me at all times, and I shall never bemoved. Praise his holy name!?


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