Many who hold to the theory of evolution wonder what?s in store for the human race. Are we going to evolve into a new superhuman, even divine-human species? As is often the case with questions only recently conceived, the Bible anticipated and answered this one thousands of years ago.

Jesus Christ, in his resurrection, became ?the Firstborn of a new creation?.

He is the head of a new humanity and we are already part of it, as the apostle Paul wrote, ?You are new creations in Christ? (2 Corinthians 5:17).

This is not just a moral or spiritual conformity to Christ, but it means that one day we will be resurrected and become like him as physically transformed members of the new humanity.

Imagine what life on that level will look like. You will be completely changed but retain your individual identity as a person. You will discover what it is like to be fully yourself, the self that is uniquely you, carrying the restored image of God in every part of your being. You will be free from all the physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and relational damage and limitations caused by the Fall. Enjoying the fullness of life, you will finally discover the deep and lasting satisfaction of perfect relationship with God, with others and with yourself.

Notice that all this comes about by a special and gracious act of God?s creation, not the blind, unguided and pitiless forces of nature as described in evolutionary doctrine. All that remains is for us is respond to the love of God shown to us in Christ and, by believing in him, become united with his love. That love becomes the guiding presence and transforming power working in us until we finally see the risen and ascended Jesus face to face in the new heavens and the new earth.


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