At the core of our human nature is the capacity and desire for relationship.

As social beings, we long for connection with others and our whole life is about these connections: family, friends and that significant other person with whom we wish to share our life.

Have you ever wondered why relationships are so important? Why your sense of wellbeing is so often dependent upon your relationship with others? Remember, we are fallen human beings and we often find relationships the most challenging and rewarding aspect of our human experience.

We are created in the image of God, who is, above all things, relational. Relationship is at the heart of his very being. He exists in an eternal relationship we call the Trinity. God the Father is in eternal relationship with God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It is no surprise that as bearers of his image we are also highly relational at the core of our being.

The Bible is, above all, a love story. It is about God?s invitation to share in his love. In fact, we were created for this relationship.

To know God and love God is our ultimate purpose and destiny.

Love must be freely received.

It cannot be forced, or it ceases to be love. That is why God gave us free will in the first place. He wants us to discover his love for us and to choose to respond to that love. That is why A.W. Tozer said, ?God waits to be wanted?.

WE ARE: relational beings, created in the image of the relational God, invited to a deeply fulfilling, liberating and intimate relationship with him, that we might know him even as we are fully known by him.

We long for the intimacy and completion, which only God can give.

HE IS: supremely relational, self-existent, self-sufficient and self-satisfying.

As Trinity, he is the eternal lover and outgoing giver and he invites us to share in the deep, intimate, life?giving and outward-looking relationship, which is enjoyed between Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

He offers, invites and entices, but ?God waits to be wanted? (A.W. Tozer).


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