Every day is a new day. When we enter a New Year, the day seems especially fresh. We begin with renewed hope in the future and a good sense of leaving the past behind us.
Of course, this doesn?t happen automatically, as if the first day of January has some magical influence over our circumstances. We need to embrace the new day with determination and clarity.
God has given us another opportunity and we must actively seize it.
At the beginning of this year, I encourage you to recalibrate the course of your life. The ancient mariners always fixed their gaze on the North Star and from that orientation set their course across the oceans. We too keep our eyes fixed on the unchanging Christ, the one who is ever-present, ever-living and ever-ready to help us in our time of need.
Everything falls into place around him as we elevate him to the position of first importance in our lives.


Colin is always on the move, so keep up to date, interact with him and pray for him.