Faith is the key to supernatural living. Without it we cannot please God or indeed know that he exists in the first place. What could please God more than clinging to him in simple trust and obedience when everything around us seems contrary to the very things we believe?
There is enough evidence in our world to justify our faith in the good, loving and all powerful God who revealed himself in Jesus*. But faith is much more than being convinced by natural evidence. It is a supernatural clinging to him, leaning into his goodness and kindness when the object of our faith is invisible and intangible, and the circumstances of life are sometimes painful.
It helps if we understand that faith has to do with the unseen and the as-yet-not-fully-realised. We hold onto Christ, because we have come to know him. We know he is faithful, we know he cares for us infinitely. We know that he was willing to die in our place on the cross so that we could come to know God and receive eternal life. And we know we can trust him during times of difficulty, when things have not worked out as we wished.
It delights the heart of God when we approach him in simple, child-like faith. Just as an infant depending entirely upon parental love and provision. But faith is never to become childish or ?demanding. We must be weaned off infantile attitudes that expect everything to go our own way in life.
If faith is real, it will face the tests and overcome the obstacles. Faith requires the very best in us. It helps us discover that life is a challenging adventure and not an access pass to instant gratification.
God is looking for men and women, young people and older people who are ready for the faith challenge. Are you up for it?
*To find out more about this evidence, go to the Online Learning section on Top-ranking Christian apologists show that believing in God and the gospel of Jesus Christ is reasonable.


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