It?s a labour of love. There?s no other way of describing it. Faith is active and it always works through love. Acceptance lies at the heart of the gospel. God, in love, has accepted us through Christ. In love, we are also called to accept one another.
We are fellow members of God?s family.
We are part of Christ?s body and workers together for him.
All this is only possible by the Holy Spirit in whom we find deep and lasting unity. But this is not mere uniformity or dull conformity. The Christian community hosts a vast range of different personalities, experiences, backgrounds, nationalities and gifts. Our diversity is breath-taking and yet we are one. We are united by the Holy Spirit. This remains one of the greatest visible testimonies to the grace of God on earth.
Our unity is beautiful but it is far more than a mere ornamental display of God?s favour. It is real, solid and practical. We show our unity by what we do together.
Together, we worship, we pray, we rejoice, we weep. We witness, we serve and we work. This is the miracle of the church.
We are fellow-travellers on the journey of faith and we are fellow-workers in the demonstration of God?s love.
The move of God will lead us deeper into united, active and effective service for the Master. There?s a heaven to gain, there?s a hell to shun, and there?s a world to win. Allow the Holy Spirit to join you to your brothers and sisters in Christ.
Let him activate us all to become co-labourers in his kingdom.


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