We serve the One, True and Living God. But what does this mean to us practically, and how does it build our expectation for God to act powerfully in our day?
In this season of divine visitation, we are expecting God to revive his work in our hearts and to pour out his Spirit upon our communities.
How does the Bible give us confidence that he will do this? Quite simply: he is the Living God.
In the prophetic writings of Scripture, the phrase, ?the Living God? occurs frequently.
Most often it shows the difference between the God of the Bible and the gods of human making. These idols are actually ?no gods?.
They cannot speak, they cannot move and they cannot do anything to help those who foolishly bow down to them.
By contrast, the God of the Bible is alive.
He is real and definitely not the product of human hands or imagination. He speaks, he acts, and he is in control of the destiny of nations. He shows his life-giving power by raising Christ from the dead, and saving us from a lost eternity.
We don?t have to bow down to a physical object in order to worship a false image.
Anything that we cling to or look to more than God himself is an idol. That?s why we must be careful to discern the true nature and character of God, as revealed in the Bible. Only the God revealed to us in Scripture and in Christ himself is the True and Living God.
It is this that gives us the most hope. Because he is alive we can come to know him personally, worship him truthfully and love him faithfully.
And because he is the Living God, he can intervene in our lives.
Revival happens when God shows himself.
That makes all the difference. Spiritual things become more real than ever and our hearts fully turn to him. It has happened repeatedly in the great moments of Church history and these previous moves of God have left a permanent legacy for the Church.
Many believers across the world are sensing that a new visitation of God is on the horizon.
God is fulfilling his promise to pour out his Spirit on all flesh. London is also in his sights. There is nothing we can do to make it happen. But we can open our hearts and seek him earnestly.
We can prepare a path for him through prayer and repentance. We can surrender to the Spirit and position themselves to be his vessels.
Let the Holy Spirit revive your heart and stir up passion for Christ, his people and his word.
And, most importantly, be ready to share the good news with everyone near to you. The move of God is at hand.


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