God?s heart is for mission. He is ever-loving, ever-giving and ever-sending. From before the creation of the world God always existed as the One, Eternal and Uncreated Being. But he was not living in solitary, isolated and detached Oneness. The Father reached out to the Son and the Son responded by reaching back to the Father. And the Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity, communicated back to the Father and the Son what first proceeded from the Father and the Son ? living, loving and perfect fellowship of eternal delight and joy.
At Creation, God sent forth his Word and the universe came into being. The Spirit too was sent to brood over creation, and he has never left. God did not remain aloof even from his creation. He charged it with his presence and grandeur.
The great story of salvation is also all about our Sending God. He sent his Son into the world to redeem it through his life as a human among humans and his death and resurrection out from among the dead. He then sent his Spirit, not just as his everywhere presence but his personal, indwelling presence giving eternal life to every believing heart.
This indwelling Spirit makes us one with God and one another. Our oneness necessarily brings divine community on earth. Our fellowship is based on the fellowship the Father and the Son have always enjoyed through the Spirit of fellowship. But this communion is never merely closed or inward-looking, as if Christian community exists for itself.
Our great purpose is to bring God glory by continuing the great mission adventure he started when he first made us and called us to reflect him to the world. Mission is the lifeblood of God?s people on earth. That is why we live and breathe mission in Kensington Temple.


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