At the most crucial moment in his life Jacob knew he had to be alone with God. We also must learn deliberately, self-consciously to get alone with God.

This is where it?s just you and God ? in the secret of your heart. It?s where all else is stripped away, all clutter removed ? no background noise of the mind, no stress or straining of human effort ? just waiting on him, resting in him. No programme, no agenda of self, no goal of getting, no drivenness, no undercurrent of human desires or motives.

?Communing with God in that secret place; that part of you designed for him and him alone; that secluded garden of your soul, the holy of holies of your heart where all is solitariness until God comes to meet with you. At times like this you learn to settle for nothing less than God himself, as Jacob said, ?I will not let you go unless you bless me.?

Here, there are no substitutes, no alternatives, no supports to prop up your soul, no supplements, no additives ? just pure communion with the Holy One ? just God and you.

CH Spurgeon, the great Baptist preacher in 19th Century London said, ?There are times when solitude is better than society (company), and silence is wiser than speech.?

When was the last time you were deliberately and consciously alone with God? No distractions or diversions.

Your mobile phone switched off. Computer, iPad, television, all disconnected. Your ?to do? list out of sight. We would be better Christians if we spent more time alone with God with our hearts completely stilled, distanced from all distractions, all interruptions, all diversions, all entertainments ? just waiting upon God, meditating on his Word and basking in his Presence.

The Christian life is about community. You are not alone. We have each other ? we care, we share, we encourage, provoke one another to love and good deeds, witness and evangelise together as a community. Being alone with God does not mean you have to be lonely or isolated. But you never really know who you are until you are alone with God. All important business in life can only be effectively conducted alone with God.

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