As the civil war in Syria has reached “unprecedented levels of horror,” according to the U.N., Christians are being forced to flee their homes as avoiding the violent conflict has become less of an option.

“It’s a fight to the death which by definition involves killing. No one will win but those who fought from the start will create a desert and then call it victory,” Sky News?said of the war raging between army forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad and rebels bent on taking down what they say is a tyrannical regime.



The Christians are in the most precarious position. There are Christian enclaves but they are scattered around the country and many have been overrun by opposition or government forces.
Elements in the opposition forces have desecrated and burnt churches in the northern half of Syria. Priests have been murdered,? and Christian civilians forced to flee, just as thousands of others have fled in the face of government forces.
There is now a slow exodus of Christians which may become a flood if the Islamist side of the opposition to Mr Assad becomes the dominant force in Syria.


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