Mary believed in the Word of the Lord and became pregnant with the Word made flesh. The supernatural entered into the natural world through the Incarnation.

Mary believed in the Word of the Lord and became pregnant with the Word made flesh. The supernatural entered into the natural world through the Incarnation.

Being pregnant with the vision God has given

We know of the most famous faith pregnancy of all time and history – that of the pregnancy of Mary the mother of Jesus. An angel came to tell her that she would have a child even though she was not married. When Mary was found to be pregnant, Joseph was indignant and was ready to end their engagement, but an angel came and told him that the child would be born of the Holy Spirit. Mary’s response to the angel was “Let it be onto me according to your word”. This is one of the most outstanding examples of a faith experience in the New Testament. She took God at his word and surrendered to the operation of the Holy Spirit so that the seed of the word of God was physically sown into her womb by faith. To be pregnant with faith, we need to be pregnant with the vision God has given us. We need to know what it means to give birth to the faith vision God has given us.

The faith that God has given to you is not a dead unproductive faith, but it is a fertile, fruitful productive faith to bring about transformation in your life. He wants to bring transformation to our country and for backslidden Europe to slide back to God. Many years ago Martin Luther rediscovered faith and its role in making us right before God. This single message transformed Europe hundreds of years ago.

We are justified by faith. We are sanctified by faith. We are healed by faith. We receive God’s provision by faith. We have faith in what is invisible; which is eternal and not in what is visible which is temporary. Everything we see around us is passing away. But what we see by faith is God’s invisible realm, which is for eternity. Faith, like pregnancy, has a gestation period. First of all comes a “little bump” and from this your faith will grow and grow from the supernatural, birthed, eventually, into our natural experience.

Impregnated with faith

When we receive the seed of the word of God we become impregnated by the word of God through the hearing of faith – Romans 10:17. The Bible is like a packet of seed, which will do nothing until it is planted into the soil of your life where it then germinates and brings forth fruit.

A faith vision

Following hearing comes seeing. After hearing the word our vision should change. When God gives you a faith promise he knows what it will look like. You will never see with your natural eyes until you learn to see through your spiritual eyes. We are in KT to receive the vision from God and line up with it. When we do this the purposes of God will be released in our lives.

Faith’s confession

After we hear and see the “pregnant’ vision of faith we begin to talk about it. Faith’s confession is a result of faith’s possession. It is God’s Word that you agree with so that your circumstances line up with it by faith. Since we have the Spirit of faith, we believe and we speak it. (2 Corinthians 4). Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. But it is not just about confessing, but also about declaring. (Mark 11:22-24). We are to declare God’s Word to our circumstances so that every barrier is removed. Be careful how you speak so that you do not speak negativity, but the rather speak the truth of God’s Word over your situation.

Doers of the Word

And finally, we do it! James 2:14-20 is not preaching the gospel to unbelievers, telling them how to get saved. Instead, the writer of James is talking to believers. He is telling them to put their faith into action so that they can achieve God’s will by faith, proving that they are friends of God. Friendship with God is not about making an empty confession. It is walking in the ways of God. James, clearly, says that faith without works is dead. It is fruitless, barren, unproductive and of no value. With every faith promise there is a corresponding faith action that completes the process of faith.

We can learn so much from Abraham in this area – from his success and his failures. His failures are clear to us, today, whenever we hear of trouble between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. When Abraham got tired of waiting for the promise he decided that he would make it happen. Ishmael was born and so the Middle East problem began. Faith’s actions must always correspond to faith and the power of God and not to human reasoning or thinking. There is a big difference between faith actions and presumption.

What are the actions of faith?

When God calls you to do something and you obey. You step out in faith in accordance with his Word, no matter what your circumstances or feelings. By faith Abraham, when God called him, left his country and family behind and followed God.

Mary believed in the Word of the Lord and became pregnant with the Word made flesh. The supernatural entered into the natural world through the Incarnation. This Christmas, remember that the story of the birth of Jesus by Mary is a marvelous encouragement for us also to believe God and “birth’ his plans for us and our nation, through “pregnant faith’.


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