An Iranian evangelical pastor has stated that eventually the Islamic Republic of Iran will become a “Christian country,” even amid increased state-sponsored persecution.

Iranian Christians Worshipping

Iranian Christians Worshipping

Dr. Hormoz Shariat, founder of Iran Alive Ministries, told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins these things at an event sponsored by the FRC on Wednesday. “Iran will be a Christian country, and that’s not up to me. It’s Jeremiah 49:38 [that] promises that. We are moving in that direction fast,” said Shariat.
“There is a spiritual vacuum in Iran and people are hungry spiritually. That’s when we share the Gospel, share the Word of God through television people sit there for hours, take notes.”
Shariat, who has a Christian broadcast that airs in Iran and has been dubbed “The Billy Graham of Iran,” saw significant growth of Christianity in the nation.
“Iran is so open to the Gospel. So many people are come to Christ through our ministry in the US and in Europe, but especially in Iran,” said Shariat. “As we share the Gospel through television, people come to Christ. And not just ‘easy’ believers, they have become dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.”

Praise God for these Good News! Remember Iran and the Iranian Church in your prayers today!



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