In this new season God wants to take us deeper into himself, deeper than we have ever gone before. I know the thrill of scuba diving in the ocean.


Going Deeper-Exploring the depths of God

Going Deeper-Exploring the depths of God

We will gladly go to 30 meters in order to see an ancient shipwreck or something special like the beautiful black corral found at such depths. Actually, what seems deep to a recreational diver like myself is in reality quite shallow. Technical divers will regularly plunge to 100 meters and beyond. But even this is only the upper reaches of the ocean. There are oceanic depths which have been less explored than the surface of the moon. God is like the ocean – only there is no measuring his depths. Life in the Spirit is an invitation to get to know God and to explore him forever, understanding that there is no end to the adventure of discovering ever more wonderful and thrilling aspects of his being and nature.
This is not just about musing on the abstract mysteries of God or contemplating how many angels can fit on the end of a pin, as some medieval theologians were supposed to have done. It is about entering into a deepening personal relationship with God in which we seek to know as we are known and allowing that revelation to touch and transform the deepest parts of our being.
Knowing God at a level of depth is absolutely essential to healthy Christian living today. Pressures are mounting, storms are brewing and Christians are wavering. Far from being the robust witness to the kingdom of God we are called to be, many believers are more intimidated and less sure about issues of faith than ever.
As society becomes less and less ?Christian? in its values and laws we need to visit afresh the roots of our faith and strengthen our personal and shared foundations. This is an important part of what God wants to do in this ?new move?. He wants us to seek him and open up to his Spirit more than ever before. Take time to read his word more submissively, pray more intimately and worship more passionately. Then watch what he will do as he floods you with his grace and power.


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