In everything, Jesus was an example for us and, in his humanity, he relied on the same anointing of the Holy Spirit that he has now made available to us.

We have the power to do good

We have the power to do good

Jesus was anointed by the Father so that he could be empowered for his life and mission. Jesus rescued us from the clutches of the devil through the power of the Holy Spirit. We now have his ability to stand against the oppression of the devil in our lives and also to set people free from that same oppression. We have been called to do good ? to actually deliver people from the power of Satan. And that can only happen through the power of God.

Key Thought

The power to do good doesn?t come from ourselves. Christianity isn?t some form of spiritual humanism. We are nothing without God?s power at work in us, but through that same power, we can set the captives free and proclaim a message that gives all people who receive him the power to change.


Thank you Lord, for your anointing in my life. Help me to use the Holy Spirit?s enabling today to live my life of freedom and also to point others to you and your deliverance from Satan?s kingdom.

Discipleship Steps

Jesus is your model the standard of true discipleship. But remember, this is not about your ability. Rather it is about learning the secret of releasing his anointing in your life to bring about the full measure of liberation and creativity in you. Let God mightily inspire this within you and in your work, rest and worship today. Be everything he enables you to be. You are his liberation soldier ? let him loose through you and you will see the difference his power can make.

Read: Acts 10:37-38


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