Walking in the Spirit quite simply means keeping in step with the Spirit ? with his direction, his pace and his purpose.



He is a person (the Third Person of the Trinity) and, therefore, he leads us directly. We are not bound merely by the rules and regulations of some written code. One of the great tests of Christian life and living is our relationship with the Spirit of God. How are we managing to keep up with his leadings? Are we rushing ahead of him, ignoring him or resisting his promptings? If we allow him, he will show us how to overcome the strongest desires of the flesh and walk with God every day of our lives.

Key Thought

Only as you follow the Spirit of God will you ever discover the secret of living victoriously as a Christian. Your success depends on understanding that the Spirit is a person to follow, not a principle to apply.


Lord, I thank you for my friend the Holy Spirit. Help me surrender to him and follow his leadings in my life. I am sorry for trying to live for you in my own strength and ability.

Discipleship Steps

Understanding the difference between following a rule book and following a person is the difference between spiritual success and failure. The law of Moses, as accurate and as necessary as it was, only showed you in exact detail the written code of God. It gave you no help or strength to obey its dictates. But the Holy Spirit is your personal guide, motivator and helper. Learn to walk with him and keep in step with him and everything else will fall into place.

Read: Galatians 5:16-18



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