Read: Genesis 5:23-24. This short passage yields a wealth of revelation. It tells of a man called Enoch who had but one priority in life ? to walk with God in unbroken communion and deep intimacy.

No turning back!

No turning back!

The book of Hebrews describes this as an act of faith that pleased God. It is as if Enoch?s walk with God took him on a journey from which, one day, he found there was no return. He was not, because God took him! God was so pleased with Enoch and valued his fellowship so much that he gained immediate promotion to heaven! Have you reached your point of no return – the place with God where both you and he know that this is it, there?s no turning back?

Key Thought

Walking with God in close, open and committed fellowship is the entire purpose of humanity. Discover this and you will never want to turn back from it!


Lord, I want to walk with you like Enoch did. Lord, it?s all about you! Please, reveal yourself to me and help me to open up fully to you so that our relationship becomes my first and foremost delight in life.

Discipleship Steps

Developing a relationship with the Lord means allowing him access into the hidden recesses your heart. This level of openness will build an intimacy with him that will prove irresistible both to you and to others. Discipleship is about learning to delight yourself in the Lord. Value your relationship with him before all else and cultivate your communion above every other pursuit of your life. That way you will discover what your whole life is really all about.


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