This quaint, old phrase, ?gird up the loins of your mind? is best understood in modern terms as, ?Prepare your mind for action.? It means getting rid of everything that stops practical action in Christian living. And, interestingly, these obstacles are frequently to do with what is going on in our mind.

Prepare your mind for action

Prepare your mind for action

Many thoughts and ideas that we cling to, even as believers, lead us away from God. Christ calls us to let go of the thought patterns that belong to our former times of ignorance when we were without God and to live with a new determination to follow the direction of God.

Key Thought

Sober thinking means your mind is always prepared for action. It is about setting the course of your life according to the compass of God, and letting go of any former ideas concerning your direction in life. You cannot rely on your former sense of direction that was based on ignorance of God.


Lord, I determine the course of my life towards you this day. I want to be ready to serve you in my actions and reactions today. Please help me trust in your guidance and grace as I step out in obedience.

Discipleship Steps

Often, wisdom comes from the long view of things. As you set your hope fully on your future in Christ you are aligning yourself with the final outcome of all things. That may seem a long way off and not very practical as a guiding principle for the here and now. But your final destination determines every step of your journey. To follow Christ means day by day determination to focus your mind on the next step towards your ultimate destination ? the revelation of Christ.

Read: 1 Peter 1:13-15


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