A 20-year-old woman from Southern Brazil has sparked a wave of criticism by auctioning off her “first sexual experience” to the highest bidder as part of a documentary. The stunt has generated outrage in Brazil, however, bids have already reached $1 million.

'Virgins Wanted'-Brazilian Puts Her Virginity Up for Auction in New Documentary, Sparking Outrage

‘Virgins Wanted’-Brazilian Puts Her Virginity Up for Auction in New Documentary, Sparking Outrage

The young woman, Catarina, stopped her Physical Education studies to participate in a documentary project called “Virgins Wanted” by an Australian director, Justin Sisely, who has also selected a male participant called Alex, who is 21-years-old.
“I saw this as a business. I have the opportunity to travel, to be part of a movie and get a bonus with it,” said Catarina, who will receive $ 20,000, along with 90 percent of the final auction sale price.
Director Sisely first revealed plans for the controversial documentary in 2009, however, he later planned to take the auction overseas to avoid potential prostitution charges in Australia.
Currently, he is not only facing legal problems related to prostitution laws, but also being widely condemned and has received death threats in Australia.
“There’s been a lot of negativity, a lot of different sorts of opinions – Is this prostitution? Am I exploiting people?” he said, according to Adelaide. “In the film, I’m trying to show a different side of what normally constitutes prostitution; (these people) are not constantly making money from selling their body.”

It is precisely because of the potency of sexuality in the context of marriage that the devil works so hard to get people to ?give away? their sexuality outside of that covenant relationship. The hedonistic culture of modern society makes it ever more difficult for people, especially young people, to save themselves for their future marriage partner.

To young people today I always say, ?draw a line?. It is important to recognise your limits and not go beyond them. Don?t play near the edge of the precipice in your relationships with others. Safeguard God?s very precious gift to you of your sexuality for the one person you will be committed to in marriage. Your virginity will be your ultimate wedding gift to your husband or wife. If it?s already too late for that, don?t despair. God can bless you, forgive you and restore you. All of that and more is not beyond Him and the cleansing power of the blood of Christ. But remember that intimacy is fragile and it needs security. The security needed to protect it is the marriage relationship. You should never give yourself to a person who has no intention of ultimately being in a covenant relationship with you.
This is primarily what the world does not understand and what leads people to become trapped in sexual sin. If it was just about what you did with your body, that would be one issue. But the fact is, what you do with your body involves the whole of your being, and that leads to parts being ripped out of your soul as you fall in and out of illicit sexual relationships. If that is the case for you, then you need to be rescued from that and receive healing.
No wonder there are so many damaged people in our society. People fail to recognise the damage that they inflict on themselves and others as they plunder God?s gift. Perhaps some reading this are feeling condemned because they have slept around in the past, or maybe you lost your virginity to someone other than your marriage partner? Thank God, there is good news. God can restore to you a purity of spirit and heart before Him, and He can wash all those sins away by the blood of another covenant: the blood of Jesus Christ, God?s Son, that washes and cleanses every sin. You can be, in the eyes of God and in the eyes of your husband or wife, a ?virgin?, if you will allow God to bring that healing into your life. But God does not usually act to restore the physical effects of previous sexual sin ? such as the rupture of the hymen. In that sense the loss of virginity is final and can never be restored. This shows the real value of virginity.
God is a Restorer and a Healer, but we must realise that all sin has consequences. Suppose you had committed murder before you became a Christian and you repented. Do you believe that God would forgive you and cleanse you with the blood of Jesus? Of course He would. But does it bring that dead man back to life? No. Similarly, there is a physical price to pay for sexual sin ? a price that society has scorned and lied about for years, and still does when it mocks young people who choose to remain virgins until marriage. The whole of society, those trendy, sophisticated, artistic elitists, pour condemnation and ridicule upon any young person wanting to live a pure life. But I want to tell you, there?s time to draw a line in the sand and say: ?Let?s help our young people understand and preserve the precious gift of virginity.?


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