In a time when society as a whole has very little respect or fear of the Lord, it is vital for those who do want to follow him wholeheartedly to encourage one another.

A Book of Remembrance for the Righteous

A Book of Remembrance for the Righteous

Simply doing this, gives God the opportunity to take note of our efforts and begin to work supernaturally on our behalf. God prizes and values highly those that fear him and meditate on his name. This means God will make plain the difference between the righteous and the wicked. His blessing will show the distinction between those that love him and those that hate him. All this is recorded in a book of remembrance that he will always honour.

Key Thought

Every effort you make to honour God and to respect him in a godless society catches God?s attention. As you learn to focus on the fear of the Lord, on your own and together with others, God is writing your name in his book of remembrance.


Lord, I meditate on your holy name today and I search out the fear of the Lord for myself and for my brothers and sisters in Christ. Uphold me in my pursuit of you in my life.

Discipleship Steps

It is sometimes hard to own the Lord in a society that rejects him and mocks at his standards. But the godly must learn how to encourage one another. You are called to follow Christ, not in isolation, but in company with others. Never underestimate the importance of that principle in your discipleship. Don?t neglect the place of fellowship with like-minded people in your cell and in your celebration services. Be ready to encourage and be encouraged in the body of Christ.

Read: Malachi 3:16-18


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