No matter how terrifying your circumstances may be or how far you feel away from God?s help right now, know that he is only a prayer away.

The Lord, Your Rock

The Lord, Your Rock

As you call out to the Lord for his help, he will lead you into the path of his protection and shelter. He is the LORD your rock, your fortress and your deliverer. He is a strong tower and a shelter from the enemy. Trust him to do all that he promises to do and to bring you into his safety and security. Learn to abide under the shelter of his wings as you rest in his presence in the tabernacle of his glory. Trust him and he will surely do it.

Key Thought

The greatest thing you can do in a time of crisis is to pray. God will hear your cry from a million miles away! And he will immediately come to your rescue. Don?t let any circumstances, no matter how overwhelming or catastrophic, overcome you. Trust God and he will surely rescue you.


Lord, I cry out to you. My heart is overwhelmed by the struggle against sin and those who oppose your plan. Thank you that you are my rock, my shelter and my fortress. I trust you to deliver me.

Discipleship Steps

God?s protection does not mean you will never be in situations of challenge or difficulty. Your enemy is against you and wants to stop God?s plan for your life being fulfilled. But you have divine protection in times of trouble. He has given you authority to trample on the serpents and scorpions sent by the enemy. So go boldly about the business of the kingdom of God and don?t be deflected in your commitment and resolve. God is with you!

Read: Psalm 61:1-4


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