?Watch our video to hear exactly how IBIOL is preparing God?s people for the ministry and how training with us can provide the solid foundation that God will build upon in your life!?

It?s a new season for Europe. This is an exciting opportunity for us to train stronger healthier disciples through the combination of anointing ? a generation dedicated to the call of God and the lost, with a passion to see Jesus high and lifted up. And we?re running with it. Over 24 years, Colin has been raising thousands of leaders and disciples through the International Bible Institute of London and other training initiatives in Kensington Temple. Kensington Temple?s influence now reaches far and wide all over the world. We have a vision to ensure that each student is thoroughly grounded in the Word, equipped by the Spirit and seeking the perfect will of God for their life. We are offering world class training with some of the best speakers in the world, as well as experienced ministers in their field to ensure your grounding in the Word. This combined with the practical experience of involvement in Kensington Temple?s ministry and missions, and the vibrancy of life in London, these years promise to be a unique experience for you!

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Colin is always on the move, so keep up to date, interact with him and pray for him.