The coming of the Holy Spirit into the world made a radical difference to the prayer life of the people of God.

Jesus Blood Never Fails Us

Jesus Blood Never Fails Us

Jesus, the ascended Christ, ever lives before the Father to make intercession for us. The Holy Spirit, our Helper, is the intercessor in our hearts and he is our constant connection with the intercessor on the throne of the universe. That?s why Jesus said ?Greater works than these will you do.? And all this is through prayer. The power of prayer knows no limits within the grace and bountiful goodness of God into which we have total, free and unlimited access in the name of Jesus.

Key Thought

Whatever we ask in Jesus, name, he will do in order to bring the Father glory. Armed with this motive in prayer and enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit we can see the impossible become possible and the influence of the kingdom of God grow daily in our lives and powerfully impact others.


Lord, teach me the power of your name so that I can enter into all the treasures of the kingdom. I ask you boldly today that you will give me this relationship through prayer by the Holy Spirit.

Discipleship Steps

Prayer is an integral part of our relationship with God and is totally indispensable. But God has not left us to struggle to pray alone. The Holy Spirit is our Helper and he leads us and enables us to develop a life-style of prayer and communication with the Father in Jesus? name. Learn to surrender to the Holy Spirit?s influences and promptings in your prayer life. Daily listening to the Lord and talking to him in prayer is one of the chief delights of the Christian life.

Read: John 14:12-14


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