God wants you to have confidence in prayer, knowing that he hears you all the time. But prayer is not about imposing our will upon the Father.

Pray with confidence

Pray with confidence

Jesus taught us to pray, ?May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.? Notice he didn?t tell us to pray our will, but the Father?s will. But when we do align with God?s will we discover a wonderful world of answered prayer. We have absolute confidence before God and come away from a time of prayer assured that we have been praying according to the will of God. That means we have been heard and we will see the results of answered prayer.

Key Thought

God wants us to achieve maximum answers to prayer, and this means aligning our prayers with his will. Then we will see the release of God?s, ?Yes!? to our requests. Our confidence is that we can have 100% answered prayer as we pray according to his will.


Lord, help me to an understanding of your will in all my praying so that I can pray according to that will and not simply pray my own desires and wishes. Thank you that your will is generous and best.

Discipleship Steps

It is clear that without an understanding of God?s will there is not much success in your prayer life. This means it is a priority to get to know God and his ways. The Scriptures will give you every guideline you need to learn God?s will and see it applied to every situation you face in prayer. But this is not a cold formula or a ?dead letter? approach to your relationship with God. Let God reveal to your heart what he is really like and then learn to pray accordingly.

Read: 1 John 5:14-15


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