I am pleased to announce that Kensington Temple’s new Musical Director, Fabio D’Andrea, has released an album of piano music called ‘Reflection’ which has been a recommended album of the week on Classic FM.

Fabio d'Andrea new classical album

Fabio d’Andrea new classical album

As well as featuring wonderful traditional classics ‘Reflection’ also features some of Fabio’s own compositions, resulting in a very relaxing soundtrack which is particularly great to use in personal times of reflection, soaking and prayer.
Fabio will be giving an interview on Premier Radio during the morning of Thursday 6th as well as on many regional BBC radio stations, in addition to airplay on Classic FM. We are asking everyone to please support him as he is sharing his amazing talents out in the secular arena and representing Kensington Temple.

As a church we have always championed the arts, and this is a great way for us to unite and present KT’s home talent to the public.
You can support this project by buying a copy of the album from either iTunes or another retailer. Every single purchase will help push the CD into the secular arena and help raise the public exposure of KT’s talent.
We do thank-you for all your valued support. Link’s to download ‘Reflection’ or to have the physical CD delivered to you directly are here:
iTunes download
Amazon download
CD online store


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