God?s Word is not a dead book or a dead letter. It is alive with all the characteristics and qualities of God himself. It is pure, eternal, indestructible, powerful and revelatory.

A Two Edged Sword

God?s Word is like a scalpel that opens you up and exposes what is going on in your heart. But like the surgeon, God only cuts open in order to heal. That?s why daily reading of the Bible and seeking to discover its secrets for your life is one of the most important disciplines of the Christian life. The Word will show you the secrets, the thoughts and motivations of your heart.

Key Thought

God?s Word has the power to work within your heart. That way you will experience change happening from the inside out and not be trapped by the mere outward performance of religious duties. You gradually grow to be more like Jesus as each day you surrender to God?s Word in your life.


Lord, I open up to your Word within my heart. Speak to me today and help me to listen. Help me to find in your Word the power and the joy to change from the inside out.

Discipleship Steps

The living Word is also the life-giving Word. This means, as you allow God?s Word to penetrate your heart, you will be changed. He will give you the courage to face the iniquity within, the strength to change it and the willingness of heart to go God?s way. This kind of motivation comes from the power the Word which heals and restores as well as convicts and corrects. Take God?s Word today as your strength for living as well as your standard for change.

Read: Hebrews 4:12-13


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