It is so easy to think that God?s Word will come to you only in some great outward manifestation.Learn to Hear the Still Small Voice

Often, we want God to send us a message by writing it in the sky, or sending a thunderous word from heaven, or by causing a glorious angelic visitation to come our way. God can, and sometimes does, work like this but more often, he speaks to us through the still, small voice inside us. Elijah had to learn that God wasn?t going to use the language of the earthquake or the fire, but he was speaking through the silent whisper within. This means you hear God best when you quieten your soul and yield to him in your heart.

Key Thought

Don?t be controlled by the raging circumstances around you. God will give you the quiet confidence to listen to him in the stillness. God is not always found in the dramatic or the externally obvious. Rather, he delights to speak to you from the silence within.


Lord, I still my heart before you now and I close my ears to raging circumstances outside. I shut myself in with you and listen for your voice from the silence inside me.

Discipleship Steps

Stilling your heart amidst the hectoring circumstances of life is one of the most difficult disciplines the Christian faces. It is not simply a matter of closing our ears to the external noise, but the far harder thing is to find a place of silence and stillness away from the clamour within. Our hearts are often the noisiest places of all. But we can learn to quieten ourselves before the Lord and, in that place of stillness, talk to him. God speaks in such moments of quiet confidence.

Read: 1 Kings 19:11-13


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