The everlasting love of God is your only and your ultimate security in life. This security begins with the knowledge that God?s love is unconditional, that is, freely given, and that it is eternal and can never be revoked.


His Love is everlasting

His Love is everlasting

Jeremiah prophesies to a nation that is backslidden and heading for the judgment of God. But even Judah was not without hope. God had not removed His love. He said, ?My love is everlasting and I will draw you back into my love.? That is real security. Even when we fail him, he promises never to fail us. He will always draw us back and restore us again.

Key Thought

The security we are all looking for is to know that we are unconditionally and eternally loved, that we are people of infinite worth in God?s eyes. And that this is something given to us – not something that we have to earn or deserve. This is what God means by his ?everlasting love?.


Lord, thank you, that even when I fail you, you will never fail me. I rest under the security of your love for me and ask you to help me respond to this love with a pure heart of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Discipleship Steps

The correct and consistent response to God?s unconditional love is to build on it and not to abuse it. As Judah learned, our backsliding will be met with God?s redemptive grace, but it will also mean being disciplined and judged by the same God who loves us. His love is not weak, and neither is he tolerant of any sin in our lives. A disciple of Christ will rest secure in God?s love and also turn away from every sin and correct everything that is not consistent with God?s will.

Read: Jeremiah 31:3-6


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