God?s peace is not merely a religious or a spiritual peace. It can begin to fill every part of your life. This peace is the peace of God and it is also peace from God. He gives you His peace.


A peace that surpasses all understanding

A peace that surpasses all understanding


Can you imagine what God?s peace is like? He is never anxious, or stumped, or perplexed, not knowing what to do. He is the Sovereign God of the universe – the All-powerful One whose resources are infinite, and whose plans can never be frustrated or overthrown. This confidence is His peace. And He offers it to you! You can enjoy God?s peace knowing that He is with you and that His grace is working in you to bring about the successful fulfilment of His plans in your life.

Key Thought

God?s very own peace is available to you as an act of His grace towards you. His presence is with you at all times guaranteeing that you can enjoy His peace at all times and in every way you need it.


Lord, I take your peace today and am grateful for this gift your grace in my life. Let your confidence live in me today and always. Thank you for your presence with me at all times.

Discipleship Steps

God?s peace is the free gift of His grace. It flows from understanding who He is and experiencing His presence in your life day by day. This is an act of discipleship, because it has to do with following Christ practically, in your daily life. Learn to take God?s peace and let it govern your life in every way. Learn also to walk in God?s grace and favour. Depend on His unfailing power and ability rather than the limited and inadequate resources of your own strength and wisdom.

Read: 2 Thessalonians 3:16-18


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