All the blessings of God are found in Him ? that is, in His person. He is our peace and indeed everything we ever need is ultimately found in Him. This means that our peace is a relational peace.


Breaking Down Barriers

Breaking Down Barriers

It is based on our relationship with God who has broken down the barriers between Himself and us. Jesus Christ has made peace by the blood of His cross. And this peace extends to our relationships with one another. The cross has also removed every barrier between us and others. The Jew/Gentile divide has been bridged in Christ, and every other racial, cultural or social barrier has also been removed. We are one in Christ

Key Thought

God?s peace has brought to us both the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of believers. This means we can learn to develop enriching relationships with all those who know and love God. And, as well as that, we can spread the knowledge of that peace to all.


Dear Lord, I thank you that my life is no longer tormented by anxiety and uncontrolled concern. I have peace with you and I can live at peace with others. Let that peace rule in my heart and life today.

Discipleship Steps

Peace with God involves knowing your security in Him. When this grips your heart, you immediately discover you have ?nothing to prove?. You can be secure in all your relationships. The peace God gives you will begin to govern your relationships with others. You are free to build relationships based on trust and not self-protection or self-promotion. And you will soon discover a greater love for all humanity who are potentially your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Read: Ephesians 2:14-18


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