This testing of Abraham shows the maturity of his faith and character. He trusted God to work out His promise even in a time of extreme testing.

The Sacrifice of Isaac, a painting by Caravaggio

The Sacrifice of Isaac, a painting by Caravaggio

This story also is a picture of how God?s provision comes through a lamb given as a substitute sacrifice and it encourages us to have total confidence that God will provide for us in every situation and circumstance of life. Jesus was sacrificed on the very spot Isaac was bound to the altar and the place was called The-Lord-Will-Provide. It was said from that day, ?In the Mount of The LORD it shall be provided.? But now, 2,000 years after the death of Jesus we can say, ?In the Mount of The LORD it has been provided!?

Key Thought

Every provision for every need you will ever have has already been provided by God through Jesus Christ. His death on the cross opened the way for the provision of God into every area of your life ? physical, emotional, spiritual and material.


Thank you Lord Jesus that in giving yourself for me you have given me everything I will ever need. I put my trust in you for every provision of my life, today and always.

Discipleship Steps

Tests lead to the purification of your faith and the development of your character. The result is greater provision for your life and greater integrity in the way you respond to God. Abraham passed the test of obedience. He did what God said, immediately and completely, no matter what it cost him, and God honoured him. Take extra courage from this story as you step out today into your walk of daily obedience.

Read: Genesis 22:1-14


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