The ultimate hope for the Christian believer is the resurrection from the dead. This resurrection will bring about the new life of the kingdom of God ? life in all its fullness.

Christ is the Cornerstone of our Faith

Christ is the Cornerstone of our Faith

All the suffering, pain and hurt of the old creation will be left behind and we will enjoy the full blessings of the new creation. This is our certain hope and not just a nice idea. The resurrection of Christ as a fact of history is the cornerstone of our faith. When God raised Jesus from the dead it proved that His sacrifice on the cross was accepted by God and that Jesus was everything He claimed to be.

Key Thought

Your Christian faith is based on facts ? real, physical and historical facts. This gives you an unshakeable confidence that your life is secure in the Bible beliefs you have received, and that your present imperfect experience of God will one day give way to the fullness of resurrection life.


Dear Lord, help me to rest on the secure foundation of resurrection faith. Help me to stand the tests of my own imperfections and be confident in the saving promises of your Word.

Discipleship Steps

Your faith is real. Jesus really came, He really died and He was really raised from the dead. Your faith is not make-believe but is based on unalterable truth and reality. Therefore your discipleship must also be real and not just following a few nice religious thoughts out of personal preference which don?t really matter in the end. The exact opposite is the case. Think what difference will this make in the way you live your life today.

Read: 1 Corinthians 15:12-28

Jesus You are my firm foundation! Declare it today!


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