Read Psalm 68:1-7.?This Psalm begins with a declaration of God?s victory over His enemies and it ends with a word about the solitary being placed in families. This is no accident.

Living in the family of God

Living in the family of God

The only way you can enjoy the full victory and the life of freedom God has for you is in relationship with the Church, the Family of God. You are so special to God, that He has provided a special place for among His covenant people. And that is where His promises for your life will be fulfilled. Virtually every promise of God given in the Bible is a promise not to us as individuals, but to us as members of the corporate body of Christ.

Key Thought

God sets the solitary in families. This involves being a fully-participating member of the body of Christ and being involved in the cells where this family element can be fully developed. There is no other way of finding and fulfilling your part in God?s plan.


Lord, I thank you that You love me enough to provide a spiritual family for me. Help me to be a blessing to my brothers and sisters in Christ and fulfil Your purposes through my life in Your family.

Discipleship Steps

Active membership and participation in the life of a cell group is the only way of fulfilling your potential as a Christian. It is through these relationships that you can grow and begin to build up your fellow members in the body of Christ. The small group setting is a helpful and necessary compliment to the regular larger gatherings of the Church. Take steps to strengthen and fulfil your commitment to both these expressions of Church.


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