God our Father has given us a New Name

God our Father has given us a New Name

Being a child of God means you are part of His family. This family derives its name and identity from Abba God, the Father, and includes all God?s people of all generations, both in heaven and on the earth.

God?s purpose is to involve you fully in this family. Christianity is far from being merely individual and personal it is collective and corporate. This is important because God works through the Church, which is the body of Christ and God?s agent in the world. There can be no other way of fulfilling the plan of God for you other than in vital connection and fellowship with the Church of Jesus Christ. The glory of God will be revealed to all generations through the Church.

Key Thought

The Church is God?s agent on the earth. It is where God makes known His glory and superabundant capacity. The effective operation of God is through the body of Christ. We can be included in God?s plan only as we are an active part of this body.


Dear Lord, thank you for Your superabundant ability in work in us corporately as the body of Christ. Help me to be a real, active and practical part of what You are doing through Your Church.

Discipleship Steps

The culture of individualism has produced a stronghold which must be demolished. It is vital that you understand Jesus Christ has not called you to follow Him in isolation. The Church is about disciples following Him together. You need the family of God to fulfil your call as a disciple. Check out your relationships in the body of Christ ? your cell, your ministry to your brothers and sisters, and your relationship with your leaders.

Read: Ephesians 3:14-21


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