Like the dew his mercies are new every morning

Like the dew his mercies are new every morning

New Every Morning

Lamentations was written by the prophet Jeremiah after the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians. The judgment of God came upon the nation of Judah because they had, for generations, turned their back upon Him. It was the lowest point in the nation?s history. And yet, Jeremiah finds time to praise God for His mercy and grace. This shows that God will never forsake His people and is always ready to extend His hand of mercy. Without that, none of us would ever make it. But each day God has fresh grace and new mercy for us.

Key Thought

God?s faithfulness is great. Even if you fail Him, He remains faithful to you and will work in your life to bring restoration and peace. Even at the lowest points of your life, God is there and wants to bring healing and restoration. Turn to Him afresh today and ask Him for His help in your situation.


Dear Lord, I put my hope and my trust in You again today. Help me to learn how to wait patiently for You to act. Help me to do my part and step out in faith and obedience. Thank you for Your faithfulness!

Discipleship Steps

During times of difficulty or disappointment it is easy to become negative and for this even to be directed against God. But God is faithful, and if there are problems, they are not of His doing. He is a good God and only wants the best for His children. Learn from Jeremiah?s faith in the faithfulness of God and commit this day to Him. The Lord will see you through as you receive fresh grace, fresh hope and fresh mercy for the tasks that lay ahead.

Read: Lamentations 3:19-26


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