God has placed Greatness in us

God has placed Greatness in us

Without God we are nothing. We owe everything to Him. It is His love and His mercy that has brought us into relationship with Himself and continues to keep us close to Him. God has chosen us to be a special people for Himself and He treasures us above all else.

That is why He is continually supplying His grace and mercy and daily pouring it into our lives. He knows that we need Him every moment of every day. He has bound Himself in covenant agreement with us to provide for us all that we need from now and until the great climax of all things when we will have become all that He set His love on us to become.

Key Thought

Never doubt the mercy of God and your need for it. You are saved by God?s faithfulness and not your effort. His grace and mercy is daily upon your life and it will keep you and see you through to your destination.


Lord, I thank you for Your grace and favour upon my life today. Help me trust in these and not my own weak efforts to follow You. I thank You also that You loved me and chose me not on my merits, but that, by Your grace and faithfulness, I am Your special treasure.

Discipleship Steps

Being a follower of Jesus means that you have learnt to depend upon the strength of God?s call and grace at work in your life. Think through how you can remember that in the busy day ahead. How can you draw on God?s goodness today? Remember, that in His faithfulness, He is supporting your every effort. Don?t compare yourself with your own or other people?s expectations of you. Let God?s faithfulness give you strength for today.


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