The Helping hand of God

The Helping hand of God

Read Psalm 102:1-17.?This Psalm shows how God will always come through for His children.

As we are faithful to God in all things we know that He is working on our behalf. Our faithfulness will be rewarded. The time will come when God will show you His favour no matter what the circumstances you are experiencing that seem to suggest the opposite. God?s favour will be manifested through His presence which He gives you at all times. And He will also act to bring you comfort, relief and victory in every situation.

Key Thought

As you wait upon the Lord with patience know that the time of relief is coming. God?s favour will win through in all your circumstances of life. God will never fail His people.


Lord, You have promised to listen to the heart cry of Your children. I ask You to look upon my trouble and the circumstances of my life, and show me Your favour. I believe that You hear me now in Jesus? name.

Discipleship Steps

One of the greatest disciplines of the spiritual life is to learn to trust God in times of difficulty. God is never late with His solutions, but that also means He is never in a hurry! He knows exactly when to step in and show His favour. Today, thank Him for His perfect timing in your life and trust Him for what He is yet to do in your life. In the meantime, be firm in your convictions and hold to your life of obedience.


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