When you trusted in Christ you received a totally new identity. You were made completely new from the inside out. You are now in Christ and everything that you are is derived from Him.

Always see yourself as who you are in Christ

Always see yourself as who you are in Christ

The wonderful fact of your salvation is that you are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ. That means all the good that is due to Him comes to you. You old identity has been removed forever and it is a blessed release. Everything that speaks of your old life is gone. You are no longer lost, living in guilt, shame, blame or condemnation. Instead you are completely surrounded by God?s grace.
Key Thought
You are in Christ and blessed forever. You have nothing to fear from your old life because it has been removed forever. Now you must learn your new identity and enjoy the blessings that are yours in Christ.
Lord, thank you that I am not that person I once was. Help me to see who I really am in Christ and help me to live out the fullness of that identity day by day with joy.
Discipleship Steps
The more you focus on who you are in Christ the more you will live according to that identity. Never think of yourself as anything other than being in Christ. That way you can begin to become in your daily life the new person that God has made you. Remember, you are different now, and you don?t have to do what you used to do. Today, remember who you are and what you have in Christ and let that thought guide you through the day.
Read: Ephesians 1:3-14


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