A couple in love. Romantic clich??

A couple in love. Romantic clich??

I asked the members of our Church, Kensington Temple, to take part in a survey of the emotional needs of both men and women and I present the results here. I simply asked that each person write down the one thing that they most looked for in the opposite sex. The responses were then gathered into groups and the results can be seen below, ranked in order of popularity.
The results reveal that what a man most wants from a woman is love, support and respect. What a woman most wants from a man is love, communication and friendship. And you, what do you most want from a man/woman?

What men want from women
1. Love

  • Love in all its aspects (friendship, romance and sex)
  • Someone to be the object of their affection
  • Someone who loves them for who they are
  • Love, love and more love!

2. Support

  • To support even when their career is not going well
  • To support their chosen career and to say, ?I believe in you.?
  • To give support, encouragement and affirmation

3. Respect

  • Mutual respect and honour
  • Respect despite circumstances
  • Respect, especially in public

4. Sharing

  • Someone to share God?s purposes and plans for their life with
  • Someone to share interests with
  • Someone to share secrets with

5. Communication

  • Someone to listen to them
  • Someone to understand their needs, concerns and challenges

6. Sex

  • Someone to be fulfilled with sexually

7. Submission

  • Someone to acknowledge their leadership within the home

8. Companionship

  • To be a special friend throughout life?s highs and lows
  • Someone to feel comfortable with
  • Someone to trust

What women want from men
1. Love

  • Someone to love them for who they are
  • Someone to love and care for them/their children
  • Someone who will love, honour and cherish them

2. Communication

  • Someone who will listen to them and take them seriously
  • Someone to talk to about their feelings
  • Someone whom they can talk to about anything
  • Someone to talk over issues and problems with

3. Friendship

  • Someone who is their best friend
  • Someone who is their soulmate
  • A friend who will encourage them and help them achieve their potential

4. Honesty/Loyalty/Integrity

  • Someone who keeps his word
  • Honesty and openness
  • Faithfulness
  • Someone whom they can trust

5. Romance

  • Someone to share romantic times with, not just ?quick? sex
  • Someone who is romantic or willing to learn how to be

6. Care/Respect/Understanding

  • Someone who is caring and considers their needs
  • Someone who respects their opinions
  • Someone who understands their feelings

7. Help

  • Someone who helps them around the home
  • Someone who cares for and looks after the children
  • Someone who will help to teach the children about God

8. Leadership

  • Someone who will lead the family
  • Someone who takes the initiative in decision making
  • Someone who will set a godly example


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