Live free!

Live free!

Walking in wholeness and real freedom begins by rejecting all God-diminishing thoughts from our minds. It means reversing the curse of the tragic deception we, by nature, have all bought into – that life without God works.
This deception is at the root of sin?s existence in the world. Eve bought into it wholesale. Tricked by the cunning serpent-like nature of Satan she believed that rejecting God?s way would bring her the ?wisdom? she was lacking. Adam too rejected God?s truth and went his own way and so the entire human race fell into sin.
Sin gripped the entire human race and brought its bitter fruit: shame, rejection, loneliness and isolation. Its violence soon became clear as hatred, murder and bloodshed took their hold on humanity. The same deception is with us today. We are all heirs of that same lie. At the root of our rebellion is the belief that we can find fulfilment and satisfaction apart from God. Satan?s poison still flows in the human bloodline. Rather than the freedom it guaranteed, sin brought bondage, decay and death. What happened to the promised utopia? It didn?t come. In fact, paradise was lost and could never be regained, until Jesus came to deal with the sin problem.
That?s why we need to be washed and purified by the blood of Jesus. He was the only human, who being God as well as man, lived against the lie. When Jesus came, he broke this spiral of despair by conquering sin, death, hell and the grave!

Shaking off the broken chains

The freedom we have in Christ is freedom from the damage that sin does to us. Jesus came to undo what the devil had done to us. This means freedom from the negative emotions of fear, anger and hopelessness. We are set free from the binding habits and dehumanising bondages of sexual addiction, mental torment, anger, hatred and every other self-destructive way of thinking and living.
By faith we are born into the freedom that comes from God?s grace. This freedom is your birthright as a believer in Jesus, but you don?t automatically enjoy it. You first have to understand that it is yours and then actively choose to walk in it.
There is a famous illustration of a man in prison looking out through the bars of his tiny prison window longing for freedom. But what he doesn?t see is that behind him the prison doors are open. He is free! All he has to do is to change his perspective and understand that he only has to get up, turn around and walk right out of the prison. But he is ignorant of his true position and state.
This is like so many Christians today. We long to be free from the things that bind us, but we don?t know how to deal with them. We don?t know that all we have to do is to shake off the chains that appear to be binding us, turn around and walk out of bondage unshackled and free! Just one tug at those chains and we discover they are already broken. Christ has delivered us and we can walk free. We can live free!

Spiritual and emotional wholeness

God?s will for us is spiritual and emotional wholeness. This freedom is ours in Christ. Some think it is only a future freedom ? that we have our sins forgiven on earth but wholeness has to wait for heaven. Jesus has started a process in our lives that will only be fully completed in heaven; nevertheless, this process brings us freedom now.
You can step onto the path of victory and march on the road to freedom. The goal of the Holy Spirit is for you to meet with him in a powerful, life-transforming way and discover this freedom every step you take on your journey with Christ. As you receive the Father?s love, repent from sin in your life and experience his deliverance from every bondage, you will find the joy of living in the real freedom that is rightfully yours as a child of God.
That way you can grow and mature as a disciple of Christ and become equipped and ready to serve him in his Great Commission today and for the rest of your life on earth.


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