Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, two straight Hollywood stars, are well-known for their friendship, or "Bromance"

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, two straight Hollywood stars, are well-known for their friendship, or "Bromance"

The Bible is very clear about this. Sexual intimacy is solely for husband and wife within the bounds of marriage. What this clearly tells us is that there are boundaries in same sex relationships that must not be crossed. To some readers this may be obvious, but to many this very fact is a stumbling block, since society has so strongly promoted the view that freedom only comes through the removal of boundaries.

For many, the way to have fun is to do whatever you want with whoever you want, without any boundaries. But the truth is, in our relationships with God and each other, the real blessing is released when we operate within God-given boundaries.
The boundaries of same sex relationships are this: no matter how deep or intense or loving the relationship is (and we have seen that such relationships can be so powerful as to extend beyond the grave and to the generations to come), there is no evidence in Scripture- taking even the most sympathetic view- that any form of sexual expression can be sanctioned between people of the same sex.
There are many examples of love and closeness between members of the same sex in the Bible, but not one of them has any sexual connotations.
John the beloved disciple rested on the breast of Jesus at the Last Supper. Such a physical expression of love reveals a deep friendship, even a level of intimacy that some friends would not be comfortable with. But it would be wrong to move from such signs of affection (the Greek philos) to homoerotic acts ( the Greek eros love). For people who see that in the relationship between Jesus and John, it tells us more about them than it does about Jesus and John. We must be careful not to read into the Bible what isn?t there, or what we would like to be there.
So, the Bible includes many strong expressions of love, even of physical contact, but they always stop short of erotic intimacy. It is physical closeness, but never sexual. The modern world cannot comprehend a level of physical closeness without an underlying sexual agenda.
The Bible is clear about the fact that same sex relationships are intended for friendship, companionship, mutual encouragement, and to fulfil the purposes of God.


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