Waiting for the power...on standby

Waiting for the power...on standby

In these articles I have been stressing that without the Holy Spirit we are powerless. We need power for the work and witness of Christ. And yet the modern Church seems to put its trust in human resources, rather than divine power.

Over the past 25 years we have seen an overemphasis on human plans, programmes and methods. These things lead only to barrenness and burn out. Ultimately, they count for nothing.

Jesus told us where the real power comes from. It comes from above, that is, from God. He told His early disciples, “Wait in Jerusalem until you are clothed with power from on high.”

It is time for a fresh discovery of what it means to wait for the power

Some say that this is no longer necessary. Jesus has ascended into heaven and has sent the Spirit. Why do we have to wait?

The Holy Spirit did come to the church at Pentecost. But we all need to experience our own personal Pentecost – the power that comes from above.

Others say that we got it all at conversion. The Holy Spirit does come powerfully, convicting of sin and bringing us to faith. But there is more to the Spirit’s work than that. We need to be clothed with power so that we can be effective witnesses to Jesus.

Take time to wait

There is no substitute for the empowering of the Spirit

And this comes through waiting on Him. The early Pentecostals used to be ridiculed for holding ‘tarrying’ meetings. These were judged to be unnecessary hype based on theological ignorance. Consequently it was said that their experiences were not genuine, but psychologically induced. However, the subsequent story of the Pentecostal movement disproves such accusations.

Since the Spirit’s outpouring at the beginning of last century, there has been an unbroken chain of Pentecostal revival somewhere in the world. It ushered in the greatest era of harvest the Church has ever known.

Without this rediscovery there can be no revival. Every revivalist in history discovered this. You need to experience it for yourself. Take time with God to seek Him and He will show you His power.


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