The Glory of God in Christ Jesus

The Glory of God in Christ Jesus

The third mark ol revival to look for in your life is this: you will experience the presence of Christ and His glory.

In Ephesians 5:14 Paul writes “Awake, you who sleep arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light. Those who are dead or asleep do not have the light God. Or to put it another way, we need His light if there is any part of our lives that is “sleepy” or lukewarm. God’s presence will drive out all spiritual laziness. His glory will ignite the coldest heart.

Convicter and Friend

Jesus told us that it is the pure in heart that will see God. All through scripture, the closest encounters with God seem to be reserved for those either in total rebellion against him or for those with real hunger. God revealed Himself as judge to Saul on the Damascus road, as he was in complete rebellion. And He revealed Himself as an intimate friend with Moses on Mount Sinai, who was hungry for that intimacy. In times of revival. He reveals both. He highlights the severity of sin and convicts us. And He shows His desire for close fellowship with us. The two go hand-in-hand. We cannot know His presence until we have responded to His conviction.

Christ’s glory is there for all to see. Paul tells us in Romans that the created world tells us enough about God for us to want to seek Him. As Christians, we can probably remember times in our lives when we have been particularly aware of God’s presence. But there are levels of His glory that we will only see when we get to heaven. Revival brings a stronger sense of His presence.

Do you have a deep awareness of God? Have you had a profound revelation of His presence? If you are not, then it is something He is making available! Our faith does not rest upon our feelings, but we must never forget that in the bible, God shows more emotion than the rest of us! He is revealed as a God who wants to interact with us. Ask Him now to increase His light in your life.


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