Tears of sadness...love and grace can be abused...

Tears of sadness…love and grace can be abused…

God holds us on our honour, that we should not abuse this grace and to continue in sin, but that we will receive his grace with immense gratitude and love – so much so, that we will obey him when he says to us “Go and sin no more.”

But the truth is, we all still fail and, in one way or another, abuse the goodness and kindness of God by not turning away from the things we should. This fact alone should make us quick to hear and slow to speak.
What is the answer to the abuse of grace in the life of a Christian? Many preachers would say that we should stop preaching grace and let the people have a little more Law. Let them feel a little fear, a little condemnation. But, the answer to the abuse of grace, is not Law, but more grace!
Grace is all we have. Nothing else will ever help us out of the weakness of our fleshly inconsistency. John Newton had it right, “‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved.”


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